Panacea Patient Recruitment

Panacea Patient Recruitment Limited has announced it has been acquired by Latium Enterprises Inc, effective 3rd January 2020. “Latium are ideally placed to help us grow in the UK and US clinical trials markets over the coming years,” says Brian Murray, Managing Director at Panacea. “It’s an exhilarating time for us, with significant orders already placed.” The company employs doctors and nurses, leverages digital marketing and provides real-time reporting to its clients.

“It’s globally recognised that adequate and timely patient recruitment is a significant factor in enabling pharmaceutical companies to get new medicines registered. Panacea has identified a considerable gap in the market,” says Brian Kennedy, Group Chairman at Latium Enterprises Inc.

Panacea’s clients are pharmaceutical companies, contract research organisations and clinical investigators. The benefit of its service to its clients is trials that finish on time and come in on budget.

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